About Us

We are Green Office Velp. A volunteer organisation at Van Hall Larenstein Velp, University of Applied Sciences. Our main goal is to make our University the most sustainable University it can be. To accomplish this we work together with the school to think of ways to make work at VHL more sustainable. For example, constantly trying to make our cafeteria more local and plantbased.

But sustainablity starts with awareness of the problem we are facing as a society. Because of this we organize different events year-round to raise awareness in a fun and educating way. Some examples of this are the reoccuring Clothes Swap, educating people about the SDG’s and organizing lectures.

Since we are fully volunteer-based we need all the help we can get! Are you currently studying at VHL Velp and would love to help us out and bring some ideas to the table, don’t hesistate to contact us!