Green Office Bingo

During Christmas we wanted to thank everyone involved for the Green Office through a Bingo!

On the 16th of December 2020 from 19:30 onwards.

Guaranteed prizes to win! Including sustainable waterbottles, canteen vouchers, soup cups and much more! During the bingo you can earn extra points by answering sustainable questions! On top of that, the person who has the most “Christmassy” outfit will get a second prize!  

SDG Toermee

Get to know all about the SDGs, sustainable fashion and avoiding food waste on this exciting day at VHL!The sessions on this day will be in both English and Dutch, depending on the participants.
The sessions are FREE OF CHARGE. + the first 50 students to sign up through the ticket link below, will get a free, fair and sustainable sandwich. 🥪

SDG Nederland is visiting us with their cool bus. The bus will teach you about the SDGs and let’s you view your own actions in a global perspective.

Loes, from De Blauwe Tomaat, also brings her bus to learn us all about avoiding food waste in your daily life. The waste of food is a really big issue. Reducing food waste is one of the top solutions according to Drawdown. Milieu Centraal states that the average Dutch person wasted 34,3 kilos of food in 2019! Just imagine the foot print of that!

Maria, from Outfit Library LESS, will set up camp in A017 to tell us about the environmental burden called the fashion industry. As you may have learned on our VHL Clothes Swaps, the fashion industry is one of the biggest problems we are facing as a society. Most of us are estranged from the people in this industry (#whomademyclothes) and barely know anything about the environmental impact. Definitely time for a revolution, and Maria truly is one of the pioneers!

Vegan Workshop (Ft. Ambrosia & Vivera)

We joined hands with Ambrosia (international study association) to hold an informational lecture by Peter Kalmström, the chairman of the world vegan organization in Spain.
Peter will go through the myths, the facts and the conclusions about veganism in this fast-pased lecture. Peter will show the connections between animal agriculture and a variety of topics such as greenhouse gass, water as a resource, land limitations and air pollutions. He will also discuss about health ramifications and concerns regarding antibiotic resistance. Peter will show you how becoming vegan will contribute to the improvement of these developing issues.

Friday 16 October, 16:00-17:30

Lecture: Heading for Extinction (and what to do about it) – Extinction Rebellion

Together with Extinction Rebellion Arnhem/Nijmegen we organised a talk about climate change.

“Our house is on fire”. This metaphor was used by Greta Thunberg to describe the severe state our world is in right now – but sadly, that metaphor has become a reality in places like Australia and the Amazon rain forest. The full extent of the climate crisis may seem like a problem that’s too big to fix, but it doesn’t have to be. You can become part of a solution.

“Heading for Extinction — and what to do about it” was hosted on Monday 17th of February at 16.00 at the Van Hall Larenstein University in Velp. This talk was organised by the Arnhem/Nijmegen local group of Extinction Rebellion (XR). We are a group of climate activists advocating for a fair transition to a sustainable economy and society. In the talk you will learn about the science behind the climate and ecological crisis we’re facing, as well as XR’s strategy of mass civil disobedience and what you can do to help.

For reoccuring XR talks and information look on their website

Clothes Swap! Spring Edition

Do you have some unused clothes and don’t know what to do with them but don’t want to throw them away? Or are you simply looking for a cheap and sustainable option to find some new pieces? Then you should join our SPRING CLEAN CLOTHES SWAP! For the fifth time, the VHL Green Office is organising this event together with Outfit Library Less to promote and educate about sustainable fashion and host a fun and interactive afternoon with music, snacks and drinks.

When? – 3rd of March, Tuesday/ 4PM-7PM
Where? – VHL Chapel

The general rule is: “give one, take one”. You can drop your clothes in the Green Office (D012) from 17th February (or bring the colthes on the day itself). If the room is locked, just drop them in front of the office and we’ll take care of the rest! Please don’t forget to hand your clothes in in a bag with your name on it and make sure they are not damaged or dirty. We do not accept underwear (only swimwear, if its clean)

.The leftover clothing will find a new home through our partner Outfit Library Less. Click here to learn more about their concept >